Day By Day

We don't want to start numbering days because we will eventually miss a day of blogging.  That being said we want to continue to share things inside of our world so others can understand our adoption journey.  Today we will share a little about our adoption baby supplies at this point.  It is hard sometimes not getting too excited because we are so excited to be parents one of these days.  To this point we have purchased one wooden high chair from 1940 so Cache could begin fixing it up as a project while we wait.  We also have quite a bit of baby clothes still from when Lindsey was doing Franco and Leks clothing full time.  It is hard to both be prepared and prudent when considering our situation.  We will most likely not have months of advance notice to begin buying things, on the other hand we could be waiting for a baby for quite awhile.  The need to be prepared but not too excited is a perfect example of what we are going through emotionally.  We are so excited to be approved and have to be emotionally ready to make possible decisions daily.  That being said it could be months between contacts with birth mother's and possible adoptions do fall through.  We try to stay steady and not ride the roller coaster but it is a tough task.

We want to conclude todays update with a request for prayers for two baby girl twins that were born premature and have been at the Univ. of Utah hospital since January.