Birth Parent Letter

These are only words on a page, but we hope they are able to express how grateful and excited we are that you have decided to take a closer look at our family.  We value and admire your strength and you are constantly in our prayers.  Please take a moment to learn a little more about us, our lives, and why starting and raising a family is so important to us.

Growing up, Lindsey always thought having children was inevitable, she always knew she wanted to be a mother – she looked forward to the day she would be able to become a mom with much excitement.  She always surrounded herself with children and cherished being with them.  From the beginning of their marriage Cache and Lindsey have known that children would join their family through adoption.  Cache made a promise on the day he married Lindsey that he would always do whatever he could to make her smile.  Fortunately for her, the smile usually led to a giggle or tears from laughing so hard.  As a couple they are fun and outgoing, able to make even the hardest souls smile.

Cache loves anything they can do together and always has adventures hidden up his sleeve.  He loves rooting for his favorite teams—the Mets and Razorbacks—but is a lover of all things athletic.  Cache also served a Spanish-speaking Mission and currently teaches Spanish at a school.  His adventures transform into stories that he hopes to soothe his children to sleep with one day.

Always thinking of others before herself, Lindsey radiates genuine kindness. She values others and what they have to offer in the world. She works hard in all she does to make other feel important and worthwhile. Lindsey loves to spend her time in creating – she enjoys make new things to brighten her home and others lives. Her favorite way to spend time with her family is at the weekly Farmer Market and chasing their dog Mia at the local dog park.  She is up for anything and is always excited for the next adventure life brings and is excited to share these experiences with her future children.

Family is our main priority and we value any time spent with loved ones. We have always wanted a child to show our world to: a world of love, adventure, kindness, and happiness.