Adoption Knowledge

We imagine for must people when they get pregnant for the first time they begin asking their parents, friends, and others for advice.  We assume that we will get to that point when we have a child but with regard to adoption our circle has been much bigger.  What a blessing it has been to have so many people with past adoption experiences give us knowledge and advice.  From co-workers who themselves were adopted, families who have adopted their children, and others currently going through adoption.  We want to you to know every thing you have shared with us has been a great blessings in our adoption process.  If you have information or advice regarding adoption please continue to share.  Lindsey is always reading blogs and books to learn more, while Cache takes to Twitter and discusses adoption with families who have recently received babies.

We don't know how long our journey will be until we get a baby, but because of the love from those around us we aren't minding the trip.