Baby Walker will be joining our family January 4, 2013.  

Here is the story of our miracle thus far:

While in Memphis for a Mother's Day weekend trip we were contacted by a dear friend who told us about our birthmom "M".  We quickly read through the information and sent her an email with much hope and constant prayer.  The following 3 weeks we checked our email in hope all hours of the day.  One Monday after we had fasted on Sunday we received the email that changed our lives forever.
"I feel so strongly that this is where my child needs to be placed; with you and your family. The lord works in mysterious ways and after praying very hard about the decision to place him/her with you guys I know its the correct decision."
Over the past month we have had such the amazing blessing of getting to know our birthmom "M'.  We know that many may claim to have a great birthmom, but ours is the most amazing person we could have ever imagined.  We have such a deep love and appreciation for her and the place she will forever have in our lives.

Last week we received this picture of the ultrasound and in 3 weeks we will find out if Baby Walker is a boy or girl!

We are so grateful for all the prayers and blessings that we have already received during this process.  So many people have been so kind in supporting us and sharing our story.  We have never felt more blessed than to have "M' be a part of our lives.  Please continue to keep us, "M" and baby in your prayers.  Miracles do happen.