One Week

One week doesn't seem like much time at all but it is amazing what can happen in 7 days.  Last Sunday morning we finished our adoption video and posted it online.  That is when our life became a complete open book and we were hopeful adoptive parents to everyone we knew.  The response was more than we had imagined it would be and our life has been blessed by the great people who we know and love.  We thought the video would be a fun way to let everyone know we were adopting and they could share it with their friends.  Instead the video has changed the whole course of action we took for the whole week.  Instead of simply posting the video online and forgetting about it, we got busy and have done little this week that wasn't adoption preparation.  We even happened to meet a little family at Mary Poppins that had adopted their little girl.  We are ever so grateful for the response we have received.  We know we have said thank you before but for the kindness we have received it just never seems to be enough.